discover key cultural and religious ideas of the Christian middle ages that shape the way we live today


This course is for you if…

YOU’RE AN ARTIST, WRITER, CREATOR, OR TEACHER and you know a deeper understanding of the Middle Ages will enhance the value of your work


YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CULTURAL INHERITANCE  as a westerner, so you can shed harmful societal norms and cultivate a more nourishing worldview for yourself and your community


YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT THE LOSS OF TRADITIONAL CULTURES through Christianization, and you know that learning about this history is a foundational step in cultural regeneration


YOU'RE PAGAN, A WITCH, POST-CHRISTIAN OR OTHER, and you desire a greater awareness of Christian influences are so you can make informed choices in your spiritual life




YOU'RE CURIOUS TO KNOW which aspects of secular western culture originate in Christian religious ideas


YOU WISH TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FORCES THAT HAVE DISCONNECTED PEOPLE from their bodies, the land, and one another, in order to initiate re-connection with sources of pleasure and joy in your life


YOU WANT TO RECEIVE A FASCINATING OVERVIEW OF MEDIEVAL CULTURE and history without enrolling in university courses or completing assignments!

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4 units of Audio instruction, readings & Educational materials


Empire and the Cosmos


Gender and Materiality


Christianization of Europe


Antisemitism and the Persecution of Jews

looking frankly at the painful aspects of history helps us to see the many ways in which that history was never inevitable.


with that knowledge we hold the key to the endless possibilities of our own historical moment.

Explore the origins of these modern ideas in the Christian Middle Ages


Misogyny, disgust with women's bodies & slut-shaming


Association of women with materialism and earthiness


Association of Jewish people with stinginess and greed


Conspiracy theories about the theft of children and babies by minority groups


Fear of paganism


Fear of demons, evil forces, and Hell


Western cultural preferences for the linear & hierarchical


The origins of race and racism in medieval Christian thought


The spread of patriarchal nation states


Evangelism and mass conversion

Do you want a clearer view on the past?

For countless generations self-interested leaders have twisted Christian ideas, originally oriented toward liberation and equality, into tools for mass domination and control of resources. 

Christian imperial thought permeates Western culture, influencing notions of goodness and right relationship, beliefs about the value of the earth, shaping our public holidays, our language, and our legal decisions about human rights. 

Despite this enormous influence, few of us get the opportunity to peek into the archives and see where these ideas came from, or how exactly they came to shape our society.

This course is a chance to bring more definition to your understanding of the medieval period in European history, so you can make informed decisions about how you wish to engage with the matrix of Christian thought, whether as a spiritual practitioner, an artist, a parent, a leader, or a voting citizen.

Our human cultural worldviews quite literally shape our world. Learning together about the origins of our ways of seeing helps us to reclaim our agency, so we can use it to create a society that we, and all beings, can truly belong to.

Danica Boyce

My work is inspired by an insatiable desire to uncover the reasons behind the conditions of our daily lives, so we can use that knowledge to create greater freedom, optimism and joy in the face of rigid and cynical systems.

I hold a Masters degree in Middle English and Early Modern literature, and a Bachelor's degree in Education, with a specialization in indigenous pedagogy.

For six years I have been creating Fair Folk Podcast, a research-based offering that shares accessible information about northern European folk tradition and paganism, with a focus on folk song.

You can also find me on Instagram.

Unearthed course participants

Unearthed was an accessible, thorough and compassionately delivered course. It was validating and immensely informative for me.

Deanna Lynch

“Unearthed” is a well researched, deep dive into the origins of monotheistic Christianity and its effect on European cultures. There were numerous nuggets of wisdom in the course that I have continued to research with the resources Danica provided. This course opened the flood gate for me to learn more about historical facts that show European traditions enduring in the Christian age.

Alyson Storms

I am so grateful for [Danica's] Unearthed course - the content was detailed enough that I will revisit over and over while still digestible. It made new connections for me despite growing up in the church and doing a lot of research and learning on similar topics. My paternal line is Jewish and while intense, the last unit was incredibly eye-opening.

Lauren Siegel

unearth the roots of empire today